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Leading with a Positive Temperament by Ty Howard – [ Article ]

Leading with a Positive Temperament

Leading with a Positive Temperament - Article by Ty Howard

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The type of personality you have plays a role in how you keep your team engaged and how you lead them. Leadership is a psychological process – that is – being able to influence your team to put aside their self-serving personal agendas and work together for the good of the group.

It’s the same thing as when you influence your little brother or sister to be good while left in your care while mom is shopping. It is the same as when you have group work at school and you are tasked to be the one to lead your classmates who are busy with doing different things.

Why You Should Adapt a Positive Attitude as Leader

Companies today are much bigger, more organized and more diverse than before. Still, the same techniques that you used at home and at school apply here and that is by adapting a positive attitude. In being a great leader, it is more than just extensive training, impressive resumes or having the title but most of all, a positive temperament.

A leader’s positive temperament determines just how they experience things in life. In turn, this determines how they behave as a person and as a leader. Their temperament also has an effect in the influence they have in others. If you become the positive factor for your team, this could help improve their productivity and inspire them to do consistent passionate work.

Your Temperament Can Uplift or Bring Down Your Team’s Spirit

Being positive has a lot of benefits in the office and for your team. But it is understandable how sometimes, staying positive seem impossible. With all the stresses and worries at work, it can be tough to maintain a positive attitude. Still, as a leader, it is your duty rise up to the challenge and face every day with an attitude believing that things will work out and get done well.

This does not mean that you need to become unrealistically happy and upbeat. This means you should remember your temperament and attitude can affect a lot more than just your perception and disposition but also those around you. Your attitude and temperament has a lot of effect on the people and the environment around you.

Your temperament has the ability to uplift the spirits of your team or pull them down. With that, it is important that you learn how to look for the positives in the situations you are in. You need to learn to accept that there are things that you cannot change or control, and if there are things you can change and control, find the courage to do so. If you can learn to spot and accept the things you can change and control and the things you cannot, you are sure to lead with a more positive light and spirit.

Life and Work Can Be Challenging But There are Always Good Things to Look Forward To

Be laser focused on the things you have direct influence on and work on making a positive impact on those things. Seek new strategies and methods that will help you to stay positive and sustain a healthy temperament at work and in life. At the end of each day, life and work may not always be good, but there are surely positive reasons and methods you can use every day to uplift your mood and spirit for the good of the team and the organization you work in. Both depend on you — and will appreciate and thank you for being a great leader with an awesome temperament.

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