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Tune Up—and Go Be AWESOME! by Ty Howard – [ Article ]

Tune Up—and Go Be AWESOME!

Tune Up and Go Be Awesome - Article by Ty Howard

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Your mindset and emotions reflect your inner being. They cultivate your personality and enthusiasm throughout life, and ultimately affect your quality of life. When your emotions and mindset are negative, they can steer your life into a stagnant and toxic direction. When both are positive, they can steer your life into a productive and awesome direction.

Let’s be honest, we all have up and down days. Yet, it does not matter if you’re having more down days than up days or more up days than down days — we can all benefit from learning and putting into practice a healthy set of strategies that will empower us each day to Tune Up and Go—Be Awesome!

Why should anyone want to Tune Up and Go—Be Awesome? Seeking to live each day through awesomeness is a vibrant and rewarding way to live. It’s a positive state of mind that starts and flows from your mindset to your attitudes, emotions, actions and outcomes. Thinking and being awesome opens the doors to new possibilities, increased productivity, healthy relationships, inspired living, a more actionable and healthier you, and good things happening to you on a regular basis.

Here is my healthy set of strategies to help you begin to wake up to each new day knowing exactly how to Tune Up and Go—Be Awesome!

Give Yourself a Check Up from the Neck Up

Having a healthy mental and emotional state is as important as your physical health. This can happen if you develop a consistent positive mindset. It is much better to focus on the positive things that will make your day awesome than choosing to stay tied-up by the toxic knots (challenging issues) that cause your life constant stress. Do not let negative things eat you up or pull you down. Several times a day think, say and practice, Tune Up and Go—Be Awesome!

Forgive and Move On

Each morning when I wake up and each night before I go to bed, I say to myself, I forgive. I increase inner and outer peace. Forgiveness frees you so you can acknowledge, regroup and move on from any experience. It does not mean that you’re saying someone else was right or wrong in their actions or behavior towards you. It means you believe in the value of having peace of mind and keeping yourself free by not imprisoning yourself in your mind.

Of course, you do not want to repeat the same unfavorable or bad experiences again. Happiness and peace of mind is a choice. And it’s always better to be a happy and kind person than a bitter and spiteful person. From this point forward, practice and master the art of forgiving and moving on daily.

Make Yourself a Priority

Make time for yourself. You only get one of you. Ask yourself and respond courageously to your answer, when was the last time I did things that make me feel the happiest, taken care of, excited or satisfied? I am not saying literally that you need to forget your commitments, but this article is meant to remind you that you also need to create time for you. You need to make yourself a priority so you can take care of, pamper and love yourself as well. Eat well, exercise, drink lots of water, read and listen to positive things, sing, dance, vacation, be more active, be more fun, be more social, get out more, try new things, volunteer, laugh, smile, sleep well, etc. Bring back the old lively and vibrant you. Do not allow others or yourself to bring you down or not make yourself a priority.

Let Positive Vibes Be Your Guide to Awesomeness

Create for yourself some rules to overcome negativity. This can be done by choosing to alleviate stress and working to control negative emotions. Think and relax. Happiness and resilience will give you confidence to face any struggles which may arise. Remember, what you feel reflects not only in your inner being, but also in your character and outer appearance.

Also, smile and your awesomeness will come out. Smiling has a great influence on other people. You can lighten up your day and the day of others simply by smiling and sharing kind words. Sometimes we get sucked under the tide of negativity by worrying too much about unnecessary things. Yet, we often still must show up in life for ourselves and other people in healthy and positive ways. Let positive vibes be your guide to awesomeness and you will be helping others to showcase their awesomeness too.

Acknowledge and Celebrate Your Awesomeness Daily

Each person has their own uniqueness. There is a purpose why YOU are here. You may not notice but you are productive and awesome in your own way. If others see your enthusiasm and positive contributions to life, you are already showcasing your awesomeness to the world. Always value yourself, your life’s purpose, your ability to help someone in need, and the fact that you’re here on Earth to do something positively special.

Reward yourself by looking for a chance to enjoy the things you have and have accomplished in life thus far. You may fail into one category, but realize that there is something given to you by God that you will excel in effortlessly. For this purpose and reason, find time each day to acknowledge and celebrate your awesomeness.

This year, let’s go to significant and awesome levels and places. Let’s start each day saying to ourselves three times in the mirror with strong conviction, Tune Up and Go—Be Awesome! Then go do it again-and-again. Let’s make this our new success habit to empower us this year and beyond. Let’s all Tune Up and Go—Be Awesome!

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